About us

From blossoming into a teenage op-shopping addict in small-town New Zealand, to diving headfirst into the flea markets of 90s London, to suffering a minor joy-inflicted panic attack in the depths of LA’s insane vintage markets, there’s no doubt about it. I’m a gal who loves a second-hand item.

So much so, my closet and home is overflowing with epic vintage treasures. Some may say ‘hoarder’ (but we don’t listen to them). I say curator of beautiful things. Because what I love even more than the thrill of the vintage hunt is getting to share the spoils.

That’s where Green Door Vintage comes in.

It’s a space to share all the incredible fashion and homeware items I’ve collected on my travels, both here in Australia and abroad. It's about stocking other small businesses accessories and ethical products that fit in with our shopping small ethos. It’s a curation of rad vintage pieces for stylish women who want to shop sustainably and support small businesses while also looking fresh as all hell.

I started Green Door Vintage because to me, vintage isn’t just damn cool, it’s also a way to express yourself. To be creative, to be playful, to mix old and new treasures until you find your own special signature style.

It’s also a greener, more sustainable way to consume. Fast fashion and our disposable culture has had such a devastating impact on our environment, so celebrating and valuing the beauty of old things is more important than ever.

Green Door Vintage is a place for fellow lovers of cool things, for the people who care about style and creativity at the same time as caring about the planet.

That’s why we do what we do!