I have a few favourite styles of dress and one is the Cheongsam, originating in 1920s Shanghai. These dresses were originally a much looser cut than what we see today as they were based on the men's garment, the changpao. Over time they changed and accentuated the feminine shape more. The cheongsam was considered bourgeois however and when the Communist government came into power, the streets were patrolled to make sure no one was wearing any fashion clothing. So hard to get my head around this type of control - not being able to wear what you want!

However, Hong Kong was under British Rule and the cheongsam became everyday wear in the 1950s. Of course, over time its popularity did decline but I am happy to see them still! I think they are beautiful and the shape is so womanly. Not to mention the amazing colours and prints. I'm always on the hunt for these beauties.


Nicole Kidman in the movie Australia - so good.

Liu Qi, dubbed "the Marilyn Monroe of China" in 1953 - via

Via Pinterest, source unknown

Anna Wong, 1930s via Pinterest

Image via Pinterest, source unknown.

Via Pinterest, source unknown.

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